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The Pinksale
party awaits

Unleashing itself as the next chapter in a story that reshaped the crypto realm, Pinkereum embraces the essence of its predecessor and with the support of the our favorite launchpad, where successfull projects are born.
Join us in this exciting journey to elevate Pinksale to new heights with Pinkereum.

About us

Just as the original successful Safereum was born on the Pinksale platform, Pinkereum is on a mission to rekindle the Pinksale community's spirit and make it greater than ever. Our goal is to empower the Pinksale community and its audience, creating a brighter future together.


  • Token name: PINKEREUM
  • Toker: $PINKEREUM
  • Total Supply:
  • Token Distribution
  • Presale: 60%
  • Liquidity: 30%
  • Burn: 10%


Phase 1: Pinksale baby!

  • Website
  • Community Building
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Fairlaunch

Phase 2: Keep on rolling!

  • Pinkereum Launch
  • Trending/Marketing
  • CG/CMC listing
  • Tier 2 CEX listing
  • $10M + Dailty Volume
  • 5.000+ Holders

Phase 3: Pinkover

  • 10.000 + holders
  • Tier1 Cex Listing
  • $50M+ Dailty Volume
  • 100.000+ Hodlers Pinkover

Join us now and let’s make Pinksale great again!